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New domain name!

I finally have my own domain name,! My blog at will no longer be updated.

At first I tried to register, but they didn’t let me because I don’t live in Germany (.de). Oh well.

After some research, I decided to go with Namecheap as my registrar. They’ve reasonable prices and the UI isn’t horrible. I just tried their online live support—immediate response, and problem solved in 15 minutes! I’m happy so far.

I spent hours last night trying to get the domain name to point to my home server (i.e., my laptop). Only after the live support session did I find out that I had to enter my IP for both the www and @ fields in the host records. Additionally, changing host records is not an immediate process. The domain name will actually go down for a few minutes with each change.

Until I get a dedicated server set up at home (sometime this summer), I will host my website on the same server used by the robotics team.


Raiderbot X Meeting 6, 36 Days to Robot Ship

Meeting time: 10:00 to 18:00
Hours logged: 44.05

Nothing markedly eventful happened today. Logging here for the sake of logging.

Spent forever soldering the wattmeter leads to Anderson plugs (iron isn’t powerful enough for 6 gauge wire), but the wattmeter works. Battery test bot pulls 30 A with wheels freespinning on toat, 120 A at stall. Circuit breakers are breaking!

Filled out purchase orders. Searched but could not find AS5040 encoder breakout boards anywhere other than on their official website. We need to order photoswitches as well.

Subdomain randomagically works! I needed to change “NameVirtualHosts” back to “NameVirtualHosts *”. Emailed Mr. R and got sandbox subdomain registered.

Talked with Will about goals for next Wednesday.