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Raiderbot X, 23 Days to Robot Ship: Lego Minibot!

Minibot proof of concept out of old Lego parts. The purple arms push against the pole, which angles the wheels into the pole to create a horizontal vector just strong enough to keep the bot on the pole. Took about two hours to make.

The bot is climbing up a 40 inch metal pole that is embedded in the concrete floor of our garage (for reasons beyond my imagination). Climb speed is about 6 in/s. Power is provided by a 13-year-old 9V Lego motor that is the wimpiest of the wimpiest Lego motors out there. It is being run on 12V.

The TETRIX motor we will be using in our actual minibot has 21.7 kg-cm of torque. This motor exerts no more than 200 g-cm of torque.

This is the first time in six or seven years I’ve put anything together with Legos. I think I’ve lost one of my tubs—I made this robot out of what few parts I could find. I need more gears!

Credits to my mother for taking the videos!


Tricopter: Prototype Chassis

I am sadly and pitifully deprived when it comes to building stuff at home. I didn’t even have a drill before I started this build.

Anyway, I didn’t have scrap plywood, but I did have scrap circuit board. I sandwiched wooden arms between two scrap PCBs and bolted them with 2-52 bolts (the only kind I have a meaningful quantity of) that are way too thin and will probably bend.

Again due to my dearth of tools, I cut the wooden beams using a drill (and broke the bit). I found a fold-out saw later that was much easier to work with.

I tested a rotor unit (motor + propeller) by mounting the motor on a long piece of kindling and clamping the kindling to the 1/2″ thick wooden cutting board that is my workbench. At about 70% throttle, the rotor nearly lifted the cutting board. I wouldn’t bring it to full throttle even behind a polycarb shield.

The tail motor mount was a bit tricky, but I managed it. I would take pictures if I had a camera.

I will mount the tail motor and hook a stiff wire (paper clip?) between the servo arm and the rotational unit once the epoxy cures.