Things to do

In short, I’m not dead.

My job as co-captain of the team ended up being much more demanding than I presumed. I spent in excess of 600 hours during build season and several days away at two regionals.

Add to that the stress caused by college letters, changes in majors, AP testing, and a relentlessly growing list of unfinished tasks; I didn’t have the ease of mind to write anything.

My tasks in progress/on hold:

  • Kiwi drive robot
  • Tricopter
  • Mozart solo (concert in 10 days!)
  • Senior thesis project
  • Fix robot for OSU Engineering Expo and Roboshock next weekend
  • Two or three big emails I want to write to the robotics team
  • Robotics summer projects brainstorming/organization
  • Domain name registration/server setup
  • Job search

I took two AP tests last week and will take three more in the next two days. Tennis districts tournament runs from this Wednesday through Friday and orchestra state contest is this Friday. AP French make-up test this Thursday. AP Government make-up test this Friday. Concert next Tuesday.

Maybe I am dead.

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