Raiderbot X Meeting 6, 36 Days to Robot Ship

Meeting time: 10:00 to 18:00
Hours logged: 44.05

Nothing markedly eventful happened today. Logging here for the sake of logging.

Spent forever soldering the wattmeter leads to Anderson plugs (iron isn’t powerful enough for 6 gauge wire), but the wattmeter works. Battery test bot pulls 30 A with wheels freespinning on toat, 120 A at stall. Circuit breakers are breaking!

Filled out purchase orders. Searched but could not find AS5040 encoder breakout boards anywhere other than on their official website. We need to order photoswitches as well.

Subdomain randomagically works! I needed to change “NameVirtualHosts” back to “NameVirtualHosts *”. Emailed Mr. R and got sandbox subdomain registered.

Talked with Will about goals for next Wednesday.

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