Tricopter: Prototype Chassis

I am sadly and pitifully deprived when it comes to building stuff at home. I didn’t even have a drill before I started this build.

Anyway, I didn’t have scrap plywood, but I did have scrap circuit board. I sandwiched wooden arms between two scrap PCBs and bolted them with 2-52 bolts (the only kind I have a meaningful quantity of) that are way too thin and will probably bend.

Again due to my dearth of tools, I cut the wooden beams using a drill (and broke the bit). I found a fold-out saw later that was much easier to work with.

I tested a rotor unit (motor + propeller) by mounting the motor on a long piece of kindling and clamping the kindling to the 1/2″ thick wooden cutting board that is my workbench. At about 70% throttle, the rotor nearly lifted the cutting board. I wouldn’t bring it to full throttle even behind a polycarb shield.

The tail motor mount was a bit tricky, but I managed it. I would take pictures if I had a camera.

I will mount the tail motor and hook a stiff wire (paper clip?) between the servo arm and the rotational unit once the epoxy cures.

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