Raiderbot X Meeting 1, 43 Days to Robot Ship

Meeting time: 15:00 to 21:00.

Printed 73-page game manual. Everyone should read the rules!

Reconsidered different drive designs (swerve, mecanum, simple, treads, omni, casters) and decided to go with swerve over mecanum in a 10-7 vote. Note the total number of votes. We have 46 people on our roster. Granted, the five PR people and some others who were working on the battery cart were not counted in that total, but I should’ve called for mandatory strongly recommended attendance for these first few days.

Also started talk about end effector design and minibot ideas. We need to nag people to come to meetings.

One thing I’ve now noticed is that if I have an idea and put off implementing it, I eventually argue myself into thinking it’s a stupid idea or other things turn up that distract me. The greater the time passed, the less likely I am to actually do it. Obviously, if I neglect to write such ideas down, I simply forget them.

I need to execute.

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