Raiderbot X Meeting 0, 45 Days to Robot Ship

Meeting time: 9:00 to 14:00.

Read the rules.

We hosted a team from Canby, OR per their request for a place to brainstorm after the Kickoff. Our classroom was packed.

Will wanted to set up a mock field using tape and play the game using human robots, but as LogoMotion is a very three-dimensional game, that plan was scrapped.

We identified the three parts of our robot: the drivetrain, the end effector, and the minibot. The chassis will simply be anything to hold the system together. The team was split into three groups to come up with ideas. At the end of the day, these were presented to the team.

Here are some pictures:

Design process

Design process

Minibot ideas

Minibot ideas

Drivetrain ideas

Drivetrain ideas

UPDATE 1/15: In retrospect, playing the game would have been very useful. At least, I can see now what Will was thinking by suggesting we play the game before doing anything. Before designing, we needed to identify the functions of our robot, and to do that, we needed to decide on a strategy. Strategy is a lot easier to explore when we can watch (or play) the game.

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