It was decided that I should have my teeth aligned a bit. My bottom teeth are fine, nearly perfect, but I do have a slightly misaligned upper molar. My upper lateral incisors aren’t in line with the rest of my teeth, either.

So instead of braces, the dentist recommended that I get these transparent things called Invisalign that cost about the same. Appearances aside, one reason that this is a better solution is because we leave for the U.S. soon. Braces need to be adjusted periodically by the dentist; it’s a long-time commitment with one traumatizer. With Invisalign, though, I get a set of 20 or 30 aligners that I switch out every two weeks and wear 22 hours (minimum) a day, something that can be done on my own. Plus, maintaining good oral hygiene is really easy because I can take the aligners out whenever I want! Of course, once my teeth are aligned, I will have to wear retainers for a while.

I think I get my teeth imprinted on the 24th, and the aligners are shipped here from the U.S. five weeks later. I guess I can look forward to it. It’s difficult to ignore the ¥480,000 (at the time of writing, about 5,200 USD) price tag the dentist offered, though (not that braces are any cheaper).

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