2009 AMC 12 A

This was just not my year. I forgot to bring a watch to the test site (first time ever that this has happened). I found myself half-panicking, skipping several problems lest I miss a chance at an easy problem at the end.

It didn’t work, of course. On #14, I chose C) 1/6 instead of B) -1/6. I was just stupid on #17. Numbers 15 and 19 were very easy but I didn’t try because they looked hard. Spending two or three more minutes on #25 would’ve gotten me the answer. I don’t know why I failed #16.

Goal: 114–132
Result (unofficial): 100.5

How in the world did I pull off a 139.5 AMC 10 and 7 AIME two years ago, back in 8th grade?

Edit: Took the AMC 12B at home (i.e., unofficially) and got 121.5. *wallbash*

    • mathemagician1729
    • July 4th, 2009

    Its okay man, still way better than me.

    AMC 12: 70.5

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